How the SBT  Program Works

StoryBook Treasures is a PK - 2 school based literacy program where everything needed to implement the program is delivered directly to classroom teachers 5 times per school year. Prior to the delivery of materials, professional development training is provided to all teachers enrolled in the program. Teachers are trained to provide rich instruction to students hooking them into the story line and making students want to read the story over and over.

The first initial shipment of materials will include one of each item for each student: a “real” book to begin a home library, one story book treasure book collection bag, one storybook collection book and token holder, and a treasure token that serves as a memory piece to correlate to the story. In addition, the teacher will receive instructional multimedia presentation materials and mini-book for each student to complete in class, as well as, a classroom set of each item listed above.

The remainder of the shipments will arrive throughout the school year. The following four shipments will include one item for each student: a “real” book to add to the student’s home collection, a treasure token that correlates to the story, a storybook collection book and token holder. In addition, the teacher will receive instructional presentation materials, a mini book for each student to complete in class and a "real" book and token to add to the classroom’s storybook collection.

We provide parent involvement to help parents learn how to read to and with their child at home. Once classroom instruction is complete all learning materials are brought home to share with family members and ultimately the books become part of the child’s home library collection to be read and loved over and over.


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2019-2020 Highlights

Over $270,000 raised. Over 30,000 books shipped to children. StoryBook Treasures reaches out to students in Florida, Nevada, Alaska, Maryland, and Virginia.

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