And the Research says...

Literacy is directly related to a child’s success in life


Why are so many children struggling with reading and have no desire to read books? How do we draw children into reading and connecting with books and stories? How do we capture their desire to read and reread the same stories over and over again? How do we build story connections with children that are so strong that children want to recite the storylines with confidence and expression? How do we close the achievement gap with poverty and minority children?



Children need access to good books.

Children need to build meaningful connections to stories and books.


Think about it, how do you relate to the materials you read? Typically, when we read anything, no matter what the format or intention, if what we read is not meaningful we will likely not continue reading it much less retain the information we read. See the connection? Building connections to stories is critical to beginning readers. Children need to be “hooked” into stories in a way that is meaningful so they build their own connections and a love of reading.

Change a Child’s Life TODAY!

We need you to help the children of our nation

build literacy connections through books


StoryBook Treasures Inc. is on a mission to increase literacy for our nations’ children. We have created a revolutionary program to change the lives of children through books.

Our unique program is implemented within a school setting by the classroom teacher. Children learn to build a home library with the program’s books and supplemental materials. This method fosters the essential home school reading connection that is vital to literacy. Our program's success is proven by each child we touch.

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