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Don't just take our word for it, hear what teachers, parents and students are saying about the StoryBook Treasures literacy program.

"It is an awesome teaching tool. The students love the books and the treasures. It motivated my students to want to read every single word in their books! This is a wonderful program and would benefit any student, teacher and school!"
- Kindergarten Teacher
"SBT is PHENOMENAL! I love the books, the treasures the PowerPoints... everything! My students were exposed to a variety of vocabulary and loved to read the books. We want and need MORE lessons and MORE books!"
- Kindergarten Teacher
"I'm not sure who loved it more, myself or the students! The kids were really excited and really loved it. They were engaged and excited to take their books home and read them. I had a new student join us at the end of the year and he was there for some of the books. He told his mom, one evening that he wanted to read. She later told me, she'd waited years for him to say it and she was so excited. So was I."
- 2nd Grade Teacher
"It helped us build a love for books as well as add books to our own personal libraries! It encouraged us to find other books by the same author."
- 2nd Grade Student
"I absolutely LOVE StoryBook Treasures! Not only are books provided, but materials, treasures and easy to follow outlined lesson plans are included to keep my students engaged. The impact this program has on my students and families reading engagement is priceless!"
- 1st Grade Teacher
"As a 33 year veteran educator I'm aware that having ONE book makes a critical difference to reading ability and proficiency. The idea of having choice, variety and selection can only maximize that growth."
- 1st Grade Teacher

"As a parent of a rising first grader I have seen tremendous growth in my own child's reading. I was blown away when he would bring his own stories home and could read a lot of them independently."

- 1st Grade Parent
"This is an awesome program and we are so lucky to have this in our school and thanks to SBT for bringing the love of reading into my classrooms and allowing my students to go places they have never gone before in a turn of a page!"
- 3rd Grade Teacher
 "You know when you love something because there are just too many wonderful things to say about it.  That is how I have always felt about Storybook Treasures.  Even now with Distance Learning, students continue to respond so positively to this experience. YOU are the treasure for starting this program for us all."
-  Elementary Teacher
"My kids absolutely loved Storybook Treasures! I feel like they were more engaged, more into the story and talking about the story with the SBT books! We were given everything we needed in order to start this program. I loved how it wasn't more planning on me!"
- Kindergarten Teacher
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