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The StoryBook Treasures Experience


Storybook Treasures is a supplemental reading program that can help you accomplish two goals: first, to inspire confidence and love of reading in students, and second, to help parents build their home libraries and support their children in learning how to read. Research suggests when parents and teachers prioritize reading, children will be more likely to succeed academically, to exhibit higher levels of self-confidence, and to actively engage in learning experiences.

What exactly is StoryBook Treasures?

StoryBook Treasures (SBT) is a PK - 3rd grade school-based supplementary literacy program that builds confidence and a love of reading in all students. Every student in the classroom receives five books (for keeps!) to build their at-home library, a correspondingtoy/treasure with each book, a tote bag and a t-shirt.  Teachers enjoy well-curated lesson plans and student workbooks, and importantly, parents are provided with scaffolding and support (available in English and Spanish) to help them connect with their child through reading.

How does SBT align with the Science of Reading?

Unlike many other reading experiences, StoryBook Treasures focuses on the "top of the rope", language development. The classic stories shared in a read-aloud experience deepen background knowledge, model language structures, teach new vocabulary, and strengthen literacy knowledge. Students learn and reinforce skills while experiencing the joy of hearing fluent, skilled reading, and engaging in purposeful conversations. 

How will SBT benefit my classroom?

Teachers and families are raving about StoryBook Treasures!

The program has been reported to...

Don't take it from us, read what people are saying about the program here.

Increase student engagement and attendance

Increase literacy scores up to 30%!

Increase parent/family participation

Provide assesment & data for end of year reporting 

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SBT Social Posts 2024-4.png
SBT Social Posts 2024-4.png
SBT Social Posts 2024-4.png

How can I get SBT?

StoryBook Treasures kits are available for purchase on our website here. We also offer volume discounts and are happy to send you a free quote for your classroom, school, district, county or region. Many schools utilize existing Title 1, parent engagement, or other budget allocations to fund the StoryBook Treasures program. Let's get started today! If you have any questions, please reach out to

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