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Beginning of Year Parent Survey


StoryBook Treasures® Beginning of Year Parent Survey

Dear StoryBook Treasures® Families,

Thank you for participating in the SBT program this year. SBT is a 100% teacher founded, volunteer non-profit organization, with the mission of putting books into the hearts, hands, and homes of children to foster a child and family's love of reading and books. In order for us to continue to provide the program to your school and students, your feedback is essential in proving our program is making a difference in the lives of children. Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out our survey!


Denise Corbo

President and Founder

StoryBook Treasures

1. Does your child enjoy books?
2. Does your chld enjoy reading?
3. How often does your child read or look at books at home?
4. How often does an adult read or look at books with your child at home?
5. How many books do you have at home for your child to read?
6. When you read with yor child do you... (check all that apply)
7. Who reads with your child? (check all that apply)
8. Has your child participated in the StoryBook Treasures program in the past?
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