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About Denise Corbo

Denise Corbo is an award-winning educator, national nonprofit leader, and serves as the President and Founder of StoryBook Treasures where she channels her more than 35 years of teaching experience into the fast-growing nonprofit that is measurably changing the lives of young children.

In just 8 years, StoryBook Treasures has grown into a nationally sought all-inclusive literacy enrichment program brought in to provide meaningful family engagement to low performing and failing schools. Ms. Corbo’s combined knowledge of systemic change and methods of reaching the most challenging students and families has provided the tools school teachers need to improve student outcomes. The StoryBook Treasures program succeeds in not only delivering books into the hands, hearts, and 

homes of thousands of under-privileged children, but also helping teachers to kindle that early love of learning in our youth through fostering a strong and meaningful school to family literacy connection. After receiving a B.A in Business Psychology and M.Ed. in Education from Marymount University, Ms. Corbo obtained the National Board Teacher Certification, and Gifted and Talented and Administration endorsements through the University of Virginia. Ms. Corbo devotes her life to sharing her passion, and helping teachers inspire children and families to fall in love with books and reading.

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