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StoryBook Treasures is a non-profit organization with the goal of providing books and reading materials to promote literacy and education to ALL children.


The StoryBook Treasures organization educates, inspires and empowers ALL children to experience the best children's literature in an educational setting. Our program helps children make vital comprehensive reading connections to literature while building a classroom and personal home library collection of books.


Our company has a vested interest in reaching in our country’s most economically disadvantaged communities; children who we believe need books the most and otherwise would not have the opportunity or means.



         StoryBook Treasures                100% Volunteer Leadership Team

Founder and President

Executive Director

Denise Corbo, M. Ed., NBCT

National Board Certified Teacher

Teaching Endorsements:


Gfted Specialist

Edcation NK - 8

Vocational Education


Program Development

Kelli Hayes, M.A.

Teaching Endorsements: 

Education K-6

TESOL - ESL Certification


Field Director

Professional Development

Natalie Walker, M.S.

Teaching Endorsements:  

Education PK - 6

Director of Communications

Strategic Planning

Shabana Shah, M.Ed.

Teaching Endorsements:  

Education PK - 6

TESOL - ELL Certification

Education Director

Program Assessment

Stacy Connors, Ph.D.

Teaching Endorsements:


Information Technology

Education NK - 8


Events Coordinator

Lisa Pellegrino, M.Ed.

Teaching Endorsements:

Education NK - 8

Reading Specialist

Family and Consumer Science

TESOL - ELL Certification



Christina Corbo, B.F.A.

Teaching Endorsements:

Art Education K-12 


Vinson Corbo, B.A.     

Information Technology

Jason Renschler, B.S.


Copy Editor and Education Consultant

Janet Segerson, J.D.

Teaching Endorsements:

Elementary Education K-4

Gifted Education

Education Consultant

Patricia Caldwell-Wilson, M.Ed.

Teaching Endorsements:

  • Elementary Education K-4
  • Math Specialist K-8

Copy Editor and Education Consultant

Patty Peterson, B.A.

Teaching Endorsements:

  • Education K-4
  • Gifted Education

2016-2017 Highlights

Over $30,000 raised.

Over 4,500 books shipped to children.

StoryBook Treasures reaches out to students in Florida, Maryland, and Virginia.

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Our New Website is Online

Information on our organization is now available online.

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